The Dragon Trees of Buracas are found in the settlement of Las Tricias, in Garafía. They can be reached on foot,via the The GR 130 path It is an area of great beauty, as well as having notable archaeological and natural importance. The area is well preserved, and, at the same time, it offers a good sample of the island’s rural architecture. Observe the pajeros (stone cabins), the cottages, the aljibes (underground water storage tanks)…

On the way up, it is well worth making a short detour to admire the old gofio mill (for grinding cereals), which remains intact and houses the Gofio Museum, a tribute to this traditional food that plays such an important role in the island's gastronomy.

It is, moreover, a very picturesque area, an example of La Palma at its most rural and traditional.

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Municipality: Villa de Garafía

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