The New Volcano of La Palma

The New Volcano of La Palma

Nature placed La Palma at the epicenter of all eyes with the volcanic eruption that occurred in the Cabeza de Vaca area (Cumbre Vieja) on September 19, 2021, which officially ended on December 25 of the same year, affecting to 10% of its surface. As a result, the island has the youngest territory in Spain and a new appearance in that area.

The historical moment that La Isla Bonita experienced and that touched the hearts of the people of La Palma very deeply has resulted in one of the most interesting walking routes on the island: the path to the new volcano of La Palma. This route can only be done with one of the companies authorized to do so and never independently. It is a rather easy and short route (6 kilometers, 2.30 hours) and brings us closer to the cone of the volcano.

If you prefer the car, you can also get a view of the volcano, of the fajanas it created on the coast and the lava flows from various points such as the Mirador del Time, the famous Plaza de Tajuya, the port of Tazacorte, the Monument of Fátima, Caños de Fuego Visitor Center... or even from the sea taking part in a boat excursion.

Crossing the roads that have been opened through the lava flows is, without a doubt, another very emotional experience, which gives us an idea of ​​the power of Mother Nature and reminds us that the origin of the island is volcanic.

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