The island

Do you still not know La Isla Bonita? Come to La Palma, you deserve it.

La Palma is the northernmost Canary Island and it belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It has been declared as World Biosphere Reserve and Starlight Reserve. Its 706 square kilometers and 14 municipalities offer a wide scenic and climatic diversity. Rough, beautiful, surprising, spectacular … could easily be some of the adjectives which could justify its nickname: “La Isla Bonita" (the Pretty Island)

This island that has a special power, capable of provoking an equally special effect: #LaPalmaEffect. The island has the capacity to regenerate, revitalize, fill you with energy, good vibes, good atmosphere, good mood.

An island to visit, to discover and to get to know. Welcome to La Palma! Enjoy your well-deserved holidays

Santa Cruz de La Palma

The capital of the island lies in the East of the island and it is home to the only commercial port of the island. It is a small but cosy town which has been declared as a Cultural Asset (category: historic-artistic setting) To go for a walk along its cobbled streets and alleyways is an […]

The weather

La Palma, like the rest of the Canary Islands, has a favourable climate. All year round it enjoys pleasant temperatures and fantastic weather. With a small change in temperature between summer and winter, the island boasts spring weather practically all year round. As such, you can enjoy a swim in the sea in December or take a pleasant stroll in mid-August, without suffering the inclement weather typically found at these times of the year.

Forget floods, snow, hurricanes or hailstorms ... the climate of the Canary Islands and La Palma is so pleasant that while a storm may occur, it will not ruin your holidays. Oh ... and we do not know anything about rainy seasons, windy seasons, snow seasons ... "Open all year"!

And remember that this is the island of microclimates, where it can be raining in one place and gloriously sunny just around the corner.

Also remember that all of this is energy ... that gifts life and nature.

Icono de Tiempo

Max. 23 °

Min. 19 °

The climatic gifts of La Palma

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