The safe and quiet destination

A safe destination. And we are not just talking about "public safety", which is guaranteed, but, above all, about health security. This feature of Isla Bonita is marked by having, on the one hand, a series of environmental attributes (air-quality, ambience, climate, secluded geographical location, its nature as an island, its dimensions, its relatively sparse population ...) that make it a healthy and healthy place, in which to breathe, walk, move ... it is even recommended and "good for health".

On the other hand, for what is perhaps the feature that most defines the destination: an island of peace, of tranquillity, without crowds, without traffic jams, without haste, without hassle, without queues ... Without pressure. An island where privacy, individual enjoyment and seclusion is more than possible; it's a reality. All this safety is reinforced by a wide range of health services (one hospital, various health centres, private medical centres, private medical consultations, pharmacies ...) with strong infrastructure and quality health professionals that guarantee that you will be well treated during your visit to the island.

This is a place that will make you feel very special.
Come and see for yourself. Welcome to La Palma