The La Palma effect

La Palma is a traditional and unspoilt destination, which has managed to preserve the things which make it special. A destination with a thousand details and corners to delight all your senses. Best of all is the #LaPalmaEffect. Indescribable, unique ... we can only say that you will long to return to La Palma.

The #LaPalmaEffect conceives the journey as a multi-sensory experience. The island is a haven for the relict subtropical vegetation known as laurisilva or laurel forest (which disappeared from the rest of Europe 20 million years ago), a shelter of peace and tranquility located in Europe’s southernmost territory in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A deep body and spirit connection will make you feel at peace with yourself in La Palma, as the island’s many visitors can attest. Sight, taste, touch, smell and hearing: all senses will be experienced intensively, making you feel revitalised and energetic.

Relaxation, revitalisation, energy recharge, strength, power, joy, positivity, “I feel like new”, inner peace, happiness, harmony, reset ...

Desire to return, falling in love, passion, surprise, well-being ...

Comfort, security, joy, "I have chosen well" … knowing that it is the best place in the world to enjoy a well-deserved vacation … paradise.

That is what La Palma conjures in you.

That is La Palma Effect .

Come and see for yourself.