Immerse yourself ... in the surprising submarine world

Immerse yourself ... in the surprising submarine world


Volcanic eruptions have produced, both in the north and in the south of the island, a marine ecosystem of strange rocks and fascinating arches, towers and underwater passages. To let yourself slide through them is, without doubt, a unique experience.

For its part, the diversity and colorful marine fauna is represented by old, groupers, moray eels, bream, roosters, bream, grouper, abbots ... In addition, brightness and good water temperature favors the practice of diving on the island for most of the year.

The most suitable areas for this sport are found in the Aridane Valley (at locations such as Las Gorgonias, La Bombilla, El Laberinto, Arcos del Charco Verde or El Bajón de los Petos), Los Cancajos, Fuencaliente (Puntalarga,Torre de Malpique, Playa de las Cabras), Barlovento (La Fajana), San Andrés y Sauces (Puerto Espíndola, Charco Azul) and Puntallana (Bajón de Puntallana, Puerto Trigo). A great experience to share with your partner or friends. But please stay safe. Know what you're doing, be familiar with the activity and be certain that it's within your capabilities. And don't forget that there are professionals on the island who can ensure that the experience is safe and the best in your life.

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