The Ratona way - Camino La Faya (SL BB 131)

The Ratona way - Camino La Faya (SL BB 131)

Small local path, starting from the area of ​​the Old Wall, lets get into the lush vegetation of Monteverde is one of those trails of La Palma that give you the feeling of entering a forest that will come out shortly, an elf. It reminds us why La Palma is also known as La Isla Verde and an authentic showcase of its main icon: the nature and vegetation

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Municipality: Breña BajaDifficulty:EasyDistance:4 kilometers (round trip)Duration (approx.):2.30 hours
Further information

For your own safety

In case of bad weather warning, hiking paths remain closed to the public.
Check weather forecast before setting off to hike
In case of emergency, just call
Check trail conditions before setting off to hike
Give detailed information of your route to someone before doing it
Carry plenty of water, food, sun hat, protective cream and mobile phone
Do not stray from the signposted trail
Do not leave any rubbish
Do not take plants, rocks, animals or archaeological remains with you
Wear suitable gear, specially footwear