A thousand reasons to visit La Palma

A thousand reasons to visit La Palma

Visiting La Palma is always a pleasure and a wise decision. But … why? Any specific reason for that?

Join us on this trip to discover the thousand reasons to visit La Isla Bonita. We promise you that you will not get bored

Its nature: unique, intact, well preserved and varied. Can you imagine in the middle of a lush forest and, ipso facto, leaving your footprint along historical volcanoes?

Its black sand beaches and seawater natural swimming pools, carved into its shores. Great occasions to have a swim and to relax your muscles after a pleasant walk

Its culture, its history, its historical-artistic heritage. For those walls loaded with stories and moments that, if they could speak, they would tell us plenty of interesting things about the history of the island. Churches, squares, manor houses declared as Assets of Cultural Interest. Small, charming towns ideal to stroll around

Its traditional cuisine, delicious after years of dedication and passion. Intense flavors, inherited from older generations, protected and delicious. Fruits that, blessed by a all-year round pleasant climate, fill our plates with colour. Cheeses, refreshing, intense, perfumed wines, perfect for our celebrations

Its wide variety of outdoor activities. History trails to walk or even run. Sea beds that you will discover accompanied by a varied and diverse fauna. Tracks that you cross on two wheels. And, best of all: 365 days a year.

Its climate, nice all year round

Its night skies, full of stars and symbol of science and knowledge

For, in short, the thousand experiences you can live on it

Because La Palma is a destination that you must visit again and again

Now, tell us, what is your reason for visiting La Palma?