Those „very La Palma corners“ (Part 2)

Those „very La Palma corners“ (Part 2)

There are corners on La Palma that are more than that. Corners that we describe as “very La Palma” (part 2)

But what are they really? And, most importantly: where are they?

These are corners that speak of the island, its people, its customs, its normal lives. In other words: more than representative corners

Where are they? It is very difficult to answer this question because they are simply infinite. The possibilities are endless and, furthermore, it may happen that we leave behind a specific spot that you, on your visit to the island, consider to be included in this very particular classification. However, to work out an appetite, we include one per municipality in this first list of this topic

Placeta del Borrero in Santa Cruz de La Palma

Nogales Beach in Puntallana

Los Tilos in San Andrés y Sauces

Fajana natural seawater swimming pools in Barlovento

Las Tricias in Villa de Garafía

El Fayal in Puntagorda

Porís de Candelaria in Tijarafe

Dowtown area in Tazacorte

El Remo in Los Llanos de Aridane

Echentive Beach in Fuencaliente

Roque Niquiomo in Villa de Mazo

Los Cancajos Beach in Breña Baja

Bajamar beach in Breña Alta

Now, tell us, once you've seen them all: which one is your favorite?